Visit by Holocaust survivor Inge Auerbacher

A very special day today at Deutsche Schule Oslo: we welcomed Inge Auerbacher, who was born in a small town in southern Germany in the 1930s to Jewish parents. As a young child she survived the Holocaust at Theresienstadt / Terezin concentration camp near Prague. While she was lucky in that she survived with her parents, most of the rest of her extended family were murdered, including a beloved grandmother who was deported to and shot in Riga. Inge and her parents emigrated to the US where Inge embarked on a career as a scientist and writer, after spending most of her childhood without formal schooling and years of battling the effects life in the camp had had on her health.

Our grades 10, 11 and 12 as well as staff who weren’t in class had the once in a lifetime opportunity to listen to Inge’s impressive story and talk to her afterwards about her experiences and her views of what is going on in our world today.
So few survivors are still with us, it was incredibly special to have Inge with us today.

Kari Kvam